Mentoring Session in SMART START

Subscribers to the ESS BASIP “Smart Start Package” receive a 1-hour mentoring session as part of the “Smart Start” subscription.

Shortly after your firm subscribes to “Smart Start” an ESS BASIP team member will contact your nominated person to organise a date and time for your firm’s “Smart Start Mentoring Session“.

This session will cover:

  • Review of the Business Advisory Services Introduction Training Package including a review of each of the 11 modules.
  • Overview of the Product Packages included in Smart Start:
  • Debtors’ Management
  • SME Debtors’ Systems Manual
  • Chief Financial Officer Services’ Manual

ESS BASIP will prepare and forward an Action Plan following this session.


The SME Market Place is Changing

“Advisory work is increasing and that’s increased about 40% over recent years and we expect that to grow”.  Andrew Birch, MYOB General Manager, Enterprise Division. [Accountants Daily]

“The fact that the small business sector is feeling more optimistic and more positive going into 2017 bodes well for accountants……  the boost that accountants may experience will be in advisory work as opposed to compliance”.  Tim Reed, MYOB, CEO. [Accountants Daily]

“As many as 93% of small businesses value accountants as a source of critical business advice”.  International Federation of Accountants. [Accountants Daily]

“One way to build relationships and foster trust is by providing advisory services; to offer a range of consulting services to clients who want to improve their business performance”.  International Federation of Accountants. [Accountants Daily]

“The main areas of expected growth over the next 12 to 18 months are:

  • Business Advisory Work
  • Management Consultancy”.

Accounting Market Pulse, December 2015

supplies a vast range of products to assist accountants/advisors to deliver business advisory services.

We know that getting started in business advisory can be difficult.

To assist we are now offering a “Business Advisory Services Mentoring Package”.


About the Mentor

Peter Towers, Founder and Managing Director

  • ESS Small Business

Experience as:

  • Principal in an accounting business.
  • Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary in a Listed Public Company.
  • Contracted Business Adviser to a major Australian government Grant Program.
  • Business Consultant.


Investment in Mentoring Sessions

You will be able to subscribe for Mentoring Sessions on any aspect of preparing your team to offer any of the products incorporated within:

  • Business Advisory Services Introduction Training Package
  • ESS BASIP – Business Advisory Services Products
  • ESS BIZTOOLS – any of the products
  • ESS BIZGRANTS – the entire grant package



Your firm has to be a current subscriber for the product for which the Mentoring Session is to be presented.



For a Mentoring Session including:

  • Agenda for the session
  • Webinar or Skype session for 1 hour
  • Action Plan agreed to in the session $440 (incl GST)

You will be able to acquire pre-paid blocks of Mentoring Sessions and book the date, time and subject of the mentoring session when it suits your firm.

Session Blocks:


Special Block Subscription:

12 Mentoring Sessions


$4,488 (incl GST)

6 Mentoring Sessions


$2,376 (incl GST)

3 Mentoring Sessions


$1,221 (incl GST)

Each mentoring session will be recorded for your exclusive use.

We will maintain a record of Block Subscribers and we will “prompt” your firm if sessions are not being used.

If you would like further details, please send an email to our Business Relationship Manager, Lorraine Stewart on or telephone 1800 232 088.


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