Improving Debtors’ Days Outstanding Package

Australia has been awarded the dubious title of having “the longest debtors’ days outstanding in the World”.

ESS BIZTOOLS and ESS BASIP have joined forces with IODM to create the “Improving Debtors’ Days Outstanding Package” to assist accountants/advisers to coach clients on the implementation of systems and digital debtors management processes to reduce SME debtors balances thus contributing to a reduction in debtors’ days outstanding.

The Improving Debtors’ Days Outstanding Package includes:

  • ESS BIZTOOLS Debtors’ Management Package (by ESS BIZTOOLS)
  • Customisable SME Debtors’ System Manual (by ESS BIZTOOLS)
  • Debtors’ Management Mentoring Session
  • Business Plus+ Client Newsletter (4 editions)

Value Added Package

  • “Potential Fee Slippage and New Opportunities Calculator”

If you also subscribe to the IODM Accounts Receivable Hub prior to 31st July 2017 you will receive:

The IODM offer:

  • Free white label setup
  • $1,000 credit towards initial setup fee
  • Offer valid to 31st July 2017

The “Improving Debtors’ Days Outstanding Package” will assist your clients to improve their cashflow and rid Australia of the dubious title of “World’s worst debtors’ days outstanding”.

Signup for “Improving Debtors’ Days Outstanding” Package – Now $499 (incl GST)

This product package is an excellent way for accountants/business advisers to offer a very opportune service to small/medium enterprise operators to assist SMEs to reduce debtors’ days outstanding.

Hopefully, Australia will rid itself of the title “Having the longest debtors’ days outstanding in the World”.  (Click here) for Financial Review article and (click here) for a copy of our Accountants Minute articles.  (*AM97, AM98 & AM102)

The package saves accountants/business advisers spending hundreds of hours in developing similar material.

We hope that your clients will say “thank you” – “for we have reduced our debtors’ days outstanding, improved our cashflow and we now have a written debtors’ manual”.  Your team members will also be happy – they will be performing “real accounting work”.

Signup for “Improving Debtors’ Days Outstanding” Package – Now $499 (incl GST)

What’s Included?

Debtors’ ManagementPreview

The Debtors’ Management system assists accountants to conduct a full review of a client’s debtors’ management system with particular emphasis on:

  • reduction in debtors’ days outstanding
  • review of the systems operating for registering of customers on the Personal Property Securities Register

Training video and material included.

Debtors Management Mentoring Session up to 1 hour (could be in separate sessions) (presented by ESS BASIP). – Preview

Each mentoring sessions will be designed specifically to suit your clients’ requirements:

  • ESS BASIP will prepare an agenda for a mentoring session.
  • The agenda will be sent to you 48 hours prior to the session.
  • The mentoring session will be presented on “GoToWebinar” or Skype.
  • The mentoring sessions will be taped for your convenience and further use. (Obviously no one else will see the tape of your firm’s mentoring session)
  • The mentor will work through the session agenda to get input from your team and to make suggestions on how the Debtors’ Management Package should be utilised within your firm, identifying issues to be included in your firm’s Debtors’ Management Action Plan.
  • ESS BASIP will prepare an “Action Plan” for the mentoring session and send that to your firm within 2 working days of a mentoring session.

SME Debtors System ManualPreview

SMEs Debtors Systems’ Manual is a written manual that can be edited so as to customise a Debtors Systems’ Manual for individual clients.  Customise the system and then charge your client for their own Debtors Systems’ Manual.

Training Video and material included.

4 x Client Newsletter TemplatesPreview

You will also receive four editions of the ESS BIZTOOLS’ Business Plus+ client newsletter.  You can edit the material and distribute the Business Plus+ newsletter to your clients, prospects and professional affiliates.

Value Adding Package

“Potential Fee Slippage and New Opportunities Calculator”

Assists in identifying the group of clients that you might be vulnerable to “fee slippage” because of market place changes.

The “new opportunities” component assists you to identify the group of clients to which you could promote additional “non-compliance” services.

IODM Offer

If you subscribe to the IODM Accounts Receivable Management Hub, comprising:

An automated business solution:

  • automation/innovation
  • system and procedure
  • seamless
  • efficiencies
  • contributed to improved working capital

IODM easily integrates with your existing accounting system.

Email your SMS alerts, payment reminders, collection letter, final collection letter, and notice to debt recovery agent.

Online features include:

  • credit checks
  • credit insurance
  • analytics
  • query account
  • pay now
  • invoices grouping
  • faster payments and dispute resolution
  • interfaces with QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB and Reckon

Before Friday 5th May 2017 IODM will offer your firm:

  • Free white label setup
  • $1,000 credit towards initial setup fee
  • offer valid for 30 days (to 5th May 2017)

IODM will contact you after you have subscribed to arrange this special offer.

Are you ready to assist your clients to fight against Australia having the title of “Longest Debtors’ Days Outstanding in the World”?

You can get started on this journey by signing up for the “Improving Debtors’ Days Outstanding Package“,

Signup for “Improving Debtors’ Days Outstanding” Package – Now $499 (incl GST)


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