Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) Package

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Thousands of companies are expected to attempt to be classified as an “Early Stage Innovation Company” (ESIC) from 2016/17 to assist in capital raising.

Early Stage Innovation Companies are not restrained by S708 of the Corporations Code (restricts capital raising to $2M from up to 20 investors each 12 months) and investors can be eligible for a significant bonus:

  • 20% tax offset on the investment in the year of investment;
  • sophisticated investors maximum tax offset of $200,000 ($1M maximum investment);
  • retail investors maximum tax offset $10,000 ($50,000 maximum investment); and
  • a Capital Gains Tax exemption on the investment from the end of year one to the end of year ten.

A key component of the legislation is that companies can “self-assess“.

It’s expected that investors will wish to closely review the basis for self-assessment prior to making an investment in a company.

If the “self-assessment” process is conducted with strong professionalism, this should substantially assist a company being able to raise capital at an earlier time than waiting for a self-assessment application being made to the Australian Taxation Office/AusIndustry.

Most of these companies will be keen to get started on the capital raising at the earliest opportunity.

The ESS BASIP Product Package for “Early Stage Innovation Companies” has been designed to assist accountants/advisors to use the ESS ESIC Calculator to answer each question and to ensure that satisfactory supporting evidence has been procured and filed to substantiate the answers submitted.

This process will facilitate negotiations with potential investors and ultimately the Australian Taxation Office when the taxation return is lodged after the capital has been raised.

The ESIC Product Package includes:

  • Procedure Control Form – which identifies a suggested process for the review, together with recommended reading material and forms to assist with the preparation of an assignment quotation and a proposal.
  • Papers:
    • Early Stage Innovation Company (Paper 003-045)
    • Self-Assessment for Early Stage Innovation Company (Paper 003-046)
    • Investment Readiness for Early Stage Innovation Companies (Paper 040-010)
    • Investment Pitches for Early Stage Innovation Companies (Paper 040-096)
  • ESS ESIC Calculator:
    • Provisional Test
    • Gateway Test
    • Principles Based Test
    • Templates for supporting information for the test questions
    • Self-assessment as an Early Stage Innovation Company – Gateway Test Statement
    • Self-assessment as an Early Stage Innovation Company – The Principles Based Test Statement
  • Investment Readiness: Briefing documents for specialist consultant tasks (marketing, patent attorney, legal, business plan, information memorandum etc)
  • Report Review – Summary of documents required as part of the investment readiness process:
    • Business Plan
    • Budget
    • Cashflow Forecast
    • Business Valuations
    • Share Pricing Report
    • Information Memorandum
  • Capital Raising – Summary of process:
    • Investment Pitch preparation
    • Investment Pitch mentoring
  • Marketing/Promotional Kit for Subscribers to send to clients/prospects:
    • promotional letter (Improving Your Bottom Line)
    • article for members’ websites (if you wish to use)
    • blog articles (can be edited)
    • seminar/webinar package on ESIC for presentation to your clients and prospects
  • Training Webinar on ESIC Package:
    • for training accountants/adviser’s team

Subscribers automatically are sent any edited or new material produced for Early Stage Innovation Company Product Package in the next 12 months.

This is a great opportunity for accountants/advisers to get started on a significant new stream of capital raising entities who will require a broad range of services that could include:

  • Self-assessment as an ESIC
  • Investment Readiness
  • Investment Pitch Preparation
  • CFO services
  • Auditors
  • Finance Directors
  • Assistance in Initial Public Offering (IPO)


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  • Introducing the Early Stage Innovation Company Package (BAS9300)
  • New Type of Companies (BAS9301)


Signup for Early Stage Innovation Company Product Package – Now $224.25 (incl GST)


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