Chief Financial Officer Services Package

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The technology, communication systems and software packages now available enable accountants/business advisors to be able to deliver a virtual Chief Financial Officer Service to small/medium enterprises situated anywhere in Australia, irrespective of where the accountant/business advisor is located.

Over the last 15 years, the small business community has been asking for a wider range of commercial services to be made available to them in survey after survey.

This package gives accountants/business advisors the tools to be able to deliver an outstanding range of services to your small/medium enterprise clients.

The packages are based on a review of advertisements for Chief Financial Officers, Chief Accountants and Finance Directors which were placed for positions within listed public companies and major charities/not-for-profit organisations. 

When these advertisements were analysed it was obvious that many of the duties that had been identified by these types of organisations also applied to small/medium enterprises.  Unfortunately most of the small/medium enterprises do not have skilled, qualified team members responsible for activities like accounting, production, marketing and sales in their organisation on a full-time basis whereas in a listed public company, in most cases, they do.

From this research we have developed a series of forms, templates, PowerPoint slides and spreadsheets to assist accountants/business advisors to implement an appropriate range of Chief Financial Officer Services for the benefit of small/medium enterprises.

The key functions in the package include:

  • financial
  • commercial functions
  • business performance and growth
  • company secretarial

Many commentators are talking about the changing fee mix as it applies to accountants because of the emerging changes in the taxation return preparation market.  Accountants, who are able to offer a Chief Financial Officer Service, will be able to compensate for some of the changes in the taxation return preparation market by being able to offer their clients a significantly improved range of services that the small/medium enterprise market has been identifying that they require from their accountants/business advisors for many years.

If you have any questions on any aspect of the Chief Financial Officer Services please do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion.

Signup for Chief Financial Officer Services – Now $550 (incl GST)

OR purchase it in the Smart Start Package – Now $799 (incl GST) Learn more…