Accountants and Business Advisors – SMEs want “Someone” to provide “Business Advisory Services”!

From my point of view it is preferable that the “someone” be an accountant.

Surveys conducted over the last fifteen years by MYOB, CCH and various other organisations have all identified that a significant majority of small/medium enterprise operators want to access services that will contribute to “adding value” to their businesses.

Most small/medium enterprise operators agree that taxation services whilst important do not equate to “adding value to their businesses”.

To assist accountants to meet the challenge of providing a broader range of commercial services ESS BIZTOOLS has utilised our knowledge of small/medium enterprises, accountancy businesses and listed public companies to develop a range of products to assist accountants to “move beyond taxation services”.

Accountants will benefit by utilising the “preparation/training” program to get the team ready. These eleven modules take partners and accountants and other team members through a range of activities to prepare the team to offer more than taxation services.

This training includes understanding the concept of:
• “Industry Champions”
• “Product Champions”
• Utilising the “SME Needs Analysis” to assist clients to identify the additional services that they would like to receive.


The ESS BIZTOOLS’ package includes a range of ready to use products which will assist accountants to deliver professional value adding services to their clients including:
• Early Stage Innovation Company preparation for Capital Raising
• Crowd-Sourced Funding Equity Raising
• Debtors’ Management and Debtors’ Systems Manual
• Chief Financial Officer Services – will assist accountants to utilise the current software and communications facilities to be able to perform this role to a client situated anywhere in Australia.
• Personal Property Securities Register Due Diligence Review
• Business Planning Consultancy
• Budgets and Cashflow Forecasts
• Identifying grants – SMEs love grants – they can receive services that they normally would not receive because if they receive grant the service will only cost about 50% of the normal price.

Each year ESS BIZTOOLS is committed to developing at least three new product packages. The product packages which are currently being developed include:
• Research and Development Package
• Corporate Governance/Directors’ Duties in a SME Business Package
• Raising Capital for SMEs Package

You can subscribe for individual packages or you could subscribe for the ESS BIZTOOLS’ Gold Package which includes all of the Business Advisory Services Packages and is currently available at a 25% discount to celebrate the launch of Crowd-Sourced Funding Equity Raising in Australia. The discounted subscription price is only $2,227.50 including GST for 24/7 access for twelve months. To subscribe to ESS BIZTOOLS’ Gold Package, please click on “Subscriptions”.

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Episode 127  – Accountants and Business Advisors – SMEs want “Someone” to provide “Business Advisory Services”!


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As their trusted advisor, can you assist your SME clients with business advisory services?

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Peter Towers

The accountancy profession is changing… some would say quite dramatically, in that accountants are being continually advised to expand the range of services being offered to their SME clients, beyond the traditional income tax, corporate compliance and audit work“. Peter Towers, CEO ESS BIZTOOLS Click to download your free copy of “Surviving the Emerging Accounting Profession Challenge

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