Accountants and Business Advisors – Crowd-Sourced Funding – Heralds a New Era for SMEs!

On 29 September 2017, small/medium companies of any age, size or industry will be able to raise capital from “Retail Investors” as well as “Sophisticated Investors” of up to $5 million per annum.

Smaller companies that have a business with prospects will be able to present their vision and strategies to potential investors, so that they can raise capital to expand their businesses or reorganise their finances by paying off debts. Programs like “Shark Tank” have alerted the SME community that there is nothing wrong with growing companies seeking to raise capital from investors who may end up owing 25 to 40% of the company in exchange for much needed capital.

Whilst company directors need to be comfortable with this process and not be paranoid about owing 100% of the company – the benefits of raising capital can be immense – funding for the business to bring to market a new product, process or service – capital for business expansion – or saving interest by paying out “family/friends” loans or paying off credit cards that have been used to finance the business operations.

Most directors of small/medium companies will need assistance from accountants/business advisors to prepare the company for the capital raising process.



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ESS BIZTOOLS has developed a comprehensive Crowd-Sourced Funding Package to assist accountants/business advisors to guide clients through the Crowd-Sourced Funding Equity Raising process. A subscription to the Crowd-Sourced Funding stand-alone package is $299 (include GST) for a twelve-month subscription. To subscribe to this stand-alone package, please click here.

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