Accountants – Advising clients of Government Grant is Good Business!

WHY? Because SMEs love Government Grants, they are able to access services that in the normal course of events they might not have worried about, but when they can access these services for around a 50% discount, invariably many of them are far more interested.

The Governments of Australia, Federal, State and Territory Governments contribute about $3 billion each year into the fund that pays hundreds of Government grants.

Your clients are all contributing to that pool of money. Are they all gaining access to it? You are the trusted advisor for your clients. Most SMEs are looking to their accountants to keep them informed about Government grants.

We have developed a product – ESS BIZGRANTS, that facilitates you being able to advise your clients on the grants that are suitable to their particular businesses.

There is no doubt that quite a number of accountants around Australia are not interested in identifying grants. I really have no idea why they adopt this attitude, perhaps, they just want to remain preparing annual accounts and income tax returns for the rest of their careers. Unfortunately, that type of work involvement is not what most small/medium enterprises are looking for today.

SMEs are looking for accountants who will supply a broad range of services and there is no doubt in my mind, that the broader range of professional services includes being very proactive in identifying opportunities to obtain grants for your clients.

This is part of commercial advice – not just taxation advice and it is a great way of you being able to show to your clients that you care because you have offered them proactive advice and they have found out from you rather than hearing from their competitors who are ”gloating” because they have been awarded a particular Government grant.

Out of the hundreds of grants that are available, you could even specialise in some industries and indeed I heard some stories this week from one of Australia’s leading consultants to the accounting industry about a client of his in Western Australia who has secured a whole range of clients because all were from the same industry and he was able to become an expert in that industry and the grants that were available business operating in that industry. It is a great way to be able to diversify your services.


To get started with a grant, all you need to do, after you have become a subscriber to ESS BIZGRANTS of course, is insert the client’s profile, it takes about three minutes and then you need to be able to allocate ten to twelve minutes to answer some specific questions as we go about trying to “narrow down the funnel” to determine whether your client might be eligible for a particular grant.

At the end of this process, a Grant Report will be prepared which will feature the client’s name and a brief synopsis of each of the grants that have been identified that your client might be eligible for those grants. You will also have access to an article on the grant that you can make available to your client. A detailed form which will help assist you to undertake the grant application and to cost what you are going to charge is also included in the package.

Grants are a great way to achieve a win – win result! The client is happy because they are getting access to a range of services that they probably would not have bothered about or known about. From your point of view, you have got the ability to earn some extra fees because there is a significant amount of the work that is undertaken by Government grants that requires additional work to be done and that is work that accountants who are offering Business Advisory Services could perform.

If you would like to find out more details, why not visit ESS BIZGRANTS (click here). You could register for a 14-day guest membership, whereby you can trial one or two of your clients to see how the system works.

You could subscribe to the system for $495.00 including GST which will give you 24/7 access for twelve months per office (click here). Or you could available yourself of the special discount which we currently have available within ESS BIZTOOLS’ Gold Package which includes the ESS BIZGRANTS’ subscription. The 25% discount for the launch of Crowd-Sourced Funding means that the upfront subscription is $2,227.50 for the twelve months, 24/7 access. To subscribe to ESS BIZTOOLS’ Gold Package, please click on “Subscriptions”.

To gain an overview of what is included in the ESS BIZTOOLS’ Gold Package please visit:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give me a phone call on 074724 1118.

Please contact us for further information at or email or telephone 1800 232 088.


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