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Assisting Accountants and Advisors to provide Business Advisory Services

ESS BASIP is a web-based training service that provides accountants/advisors with business advisory information, products and tools to help support their small to medium (SME) business clients.


Accountants/Advisors, ESS BASIP packages can assist you to:

  • Become a business adviser to your SME clients
  • Market your firm as an expert in business advisory services
  • Stay up-to-date with Australian business developments & legislation
  • Reduce research & preparation costs
  • Build rapport & relationships with your SME clients
  • Retain staff by offering “real accounting work”
  • Increasing revenue with an alternative revenue stream
  • Be able to quickly answer your SME clients’ questions
  • Create systemised approaches to empowering your SME clients’ development
  • Deliver product solutions for a wide range of SME concerns



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The accountancy profession is changing… some would say quite dramatically, in that accountants are being continually advised to expand the range of services being offered to their SME clients, beyond the traditional income tax, corporate compliance and audit work.
Peter Towers , Accountant, Consultant and Business Advisery